Self Storage Size Guide

5' X 5'
5' X 7.5'
5' X 10'
7.5' X 10'
10' X 10'
10' X 15'
10' X 20'
10' X 25'
10' X 30'
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Storage Space Size Guide

When looking for a self storage unit, choosing the correct dimensions is the hardest part. Since many people aren't experts in storage unit size guides, we're here to help you better understand your options.

Small Self Storage Units

Small storage units at The Lock Up include 5' x 5', 5' x 7.5', and 5' x 10' units. The variation in sizes allot for several small to medium sized boxes, business records, seasonal items, small furniture, bicycles, sports equipment, or mattresses. Small storage units are great for those looking to clear up some room in their home or create designated space for things that aren't used year-round.

Medium Self Storage Units

If you need a little more room, the medium self storage units at The Lock Up are perfect. We offer 7.5' x 10' and 10' x 10' inch options that can accommodate a sofa, chairs, a desk, moving boxes, a file cabinet, or bookshelves. Medium size units are great for those looking to store things during renovations, for short-term moving uses, or when you want to declutter your home while keeping sentimental items.

Large Self Storage Units

For families or individuals who need more storage space, The Lock Up has you covered. Our large self storage units include 10' x 15', 10' x 20', 10' x 25', and 10' x 30' options, giving you plenty of room to meet your needs. These units can hold abundantly more furniture than small and medium size units alongside numerous moving boxes, large scale appliances, complete dining room sets, and more. Our large storage units are ideal for commercial business and construction inventory needs or those who need to store more of the contents of their home.

The Lock Up Self Storage is prominent storage facility offering a variety of small, medium, and large size storage rentals. Our affordable self storage units were built to accommodate all of your personal or business needs using a convenient and secure solution. We have over 40 locations throughout the United States and utilize both short and long-term leasing options.

In an effort to help keep our renters safe, we offer contact free move-in and work to keep our facilities safe with ongoing cleaning and sanitization. If you're interested in touring any of our locations, our location managers are standing by to help. Through increased health and hygiene initiatives, all of our employees wear masks, wash hands often, and practice social distancing. Already renting a unit and need to upsize or downsize your storage? No problem. The Lock Up offers flexible leasing options that adapt with your needs. Call us today at 866-600-81-63 to find a unit near you.