5' x 7.5' Self Storage Units

The Lock Up Self Storage provides renters with affordable, convenient storage options across the United States. As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in being leaders in the self storage industry. We have small, medium, and large storage options to take care of all your needs and our 5' x 7.5' unit is perfect for those looking to store the contents of a small walk-in closet.

General Information About 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Units

How Big is a 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Unit?

These storage units measure 5 feet wide by 7.5 feet long, which gives you a total area of 37.5 square feet. If you’re able to store things vertically, you’ll be able to take advantage of the cubic storage space available with our XXft ceilings. A 5' x 7.5' self storage unit is about the size of a small walk-in closet and is perfect for those looking to free up some space in their homes.

What is the Temperature of Climate Control Units?

When you’re storing your personal or corporate items, you want them to be protected so they last as long as possible. While some items don’t require a constant temperature or humidity, many items do better in climate controlled storage units. To make sure that your items are kept in pristine condition, all of our self storage units are kept at XX°F.

Are There Any Options for Smaller Sizes?

If you find that you don’t need all of the space in a 5' x 7.5' self storage unit, we do offer options for a 5' x 5' unit in all of our locations. If you need something even smaller, select facilities do have a 4’ x 5' unit for rent, depending on availability. Always check the location specific details and be sure to give us a call for further clarification.

What is a Skybox?

Skybox self storage are units that are stacked on top of other units. These are sometimes referred to as mezzanine units and are often much less expensive than more accessible units. To learn more about renting a skybox unit, contact The Lock Up today.

5' x 7.5' Storage Capacity

What Fits in a 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Unit?

Our 5' x 7.5' self storage units can fit the contents of a small walk-in closet. It can accommodate several small to medium size boxes, a bicycle, small furniture, and in some instances, appliances. Since each person’s storage needs are different, consider touring the facility to get a better idea of usable space.

Are There Any Restricted Items for a 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Unit?

As with many self storage facilities around the country, there are some restrictions to what you can store on-site. If you have further questions about any of these items, or are unsure, always talk to the facility manager prior to storage. Some things that are restricted include hazardous or combustible materials such as gasoline, compressed gas, propane tanks, corrosives, paint, chemicals, and more. Toxic materials are prohibited along with food or animal products that can spoil. Drugs, weapons, or ammunition are also prohibited.

Pricing and Availability for 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Units

Do You Have 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Units Available?

The availability of our 5' x 7.5' self storage units vary depending on location and the current demands. While we usually do have at least one unit available, it’s important to contact the facility manager or visit our locations page and browse rentable units online.

Should I Get a Moving Truck for a 5' x 7.5' Self Storage Unit?

If you’re going to be moving in furniture or appliances and do not have a large vehicle, a moving truck is recommended. Otherwise, many people can easily move in boxes and miscellaneous items into their 5' x 7.5' storage unit on their own. The Lock Up Self Storage provides free move-in trucks for new renters to help make the transition as easy as possible.