Self Storage Prices and Costs

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You've already determined that you need to store items that can't fit into your home or garage, but there's more to consider.

How much does self storage cost?

The space should hold all of your items comfortably and the self storage prices should be cost effective, too.

What To Consider With Self Storage Rates

The most important thing to consider when thinking about self storage costs is how much space is necessary to store your items. In general, the more space you need, the higher the cost. At The Lock Up, you rent only the space you need, and our store managers are always on hand to help you estimate what size unit is the best for you.

You’ll be surprised at how much you can store in a Lock Up self storage unit, and we offer a variety of sizes to fit all of your storage needs. Try our storage unit Size Guide to help determine what size unit you may need and better estimate self storage prices.

Pay for What You Need: Affordable Self Storage

It’s also important to consider what other storage needs you have. Are you interested in storing items that are especially susceptible to extreme temperature changes? Do you live in an area with extreme heat or cold? If so, you should consider climate controlled units, which are heated and air conditioned self storage units. The self storage rates of a climate controlled unit may be more expensive than other options.

To get the most from your self storage unit, check out Practical Self Storage Tips and Know Before You Store.

Contact a storage manager at the self storage facility nearest to you and find out more about FREE use of a moving truck and our great self storage pricing and amenities.