10' x 30' Self Storage Units

For families or individuals who need a little more storage space, the 10’ x 30’ self storage units are a great option. The Lock Up Self Storage has plenty of units that will give you an adequate amount of storage space. These units are ideal for households, commercial businesses, or those who are involved in construction inventory. To help you better understand the benefits of a 10’ x 30’ unit, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Sizing Information for 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Units

How Big is a 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Unit?

A 10’ x 30’ self storage unit measures 10 feed wide and 30 feet long. It provides 300 square feet of usable floor storage and with 8 ft ceilings, this can extend up to 2,400 cubic feet of storage capacity. This is the largest indoor self storage unit option at The Lock Up Self Storage and is great for commercial, business, and construction inventory.

Should I Get a Moving Truck for a 10’ x 30’ Storage Unit?

We recommend utilizing a moving truck if you’re going to be filling a 10’ x 30’ storage unit. It is quite a large unit and if you have enough belongings to accommodate the space, using a car or small truck will take much longer. To help you make the moving process as easy as possible, The Lock Up offers free move-in trucks for customers who sign a new rental lease.

Are There Options for Smaller Sizes Than 10’ x 30’ Storage Units?

Absolutely. The Lock Up’s 10’ x 30’ self storage unit is our largest size, and we have a variety of smaller options to fit your needs and your budget. To better understand what size storage unit you’ll need, take inventory of the things you’re going to be storing and contact The Lock Up to check available units in your city.

Storage Options for a 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Unit

What Fits in a 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Unit?

Our 10’ x 30’ self storage units can accommodate a wide range of items and can be filled with belongings from an entire home or the contents of about six rooms. You can fit everything from large appliances and bulky furniture to electronics and décor. If you’re looking for commercial business storage, the 10’ x 30’ unit is a great option to keep inventory, documents, and unused or excess furniture out of your office to avoid clutter in the workplace. This size unit will also accommodate a car or truck.

Is the 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Unit Accessible Through an Indoor or Outdoor Opening?

To make sure that you have complete accessibility to your unit, The Lock Up’s 10’ x 30’ self storage units are primarily accessed through outdoor openings. However, we still have climate control in the individual units. The outdoor openings allow for drive up or drop off and storage, which is important if you plan on storing a vehicle.

Are 10’ x 30’ Storage Units Big Enough to Store Everything in a Family Home?

While all homes are different, the 10’ x 30’ self storage unit at The Lock Up is big enough to store everything in most family homes. This may change if your square footage gets too large or if you have eight or more rooms. On average though, families looking for self storage are able to successfully store everything they need to in 10’ x 30’ units—sometimes with room to spare. Always take inventory before choosing your self storage unit.

Pricing and Logistics for a 10’ x 30’ Self Storage Unit

What’s the Average Price for a 10’ x 30’ Storage Unit?

The Lock Up Self Storage has over 40 facilities across eight different states. Each of our locations has different amenities and sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. Our 10’ x 30’ storage options are one of our largest self storage units and the prices will vary from city to city. However, when it comes to private storage options, we offer competitive rates. To learn more about pricing in your city, visit our locations page today.