10' x 15' Self Storage Units

The Lock Up Self Storage is a family owned and operated company that’s been in the storage business since 1976. Since then, we’ve become one of the most active and well-respected private companies in the industry. With over 40 locations across eight states, The Lock Up’s convenient locations can help you achieve your storage needs. For sizing information, here are answers to some common questions regarding 10' x 15' storage units.

General Information Regarding 10' x 15' Self Storage Units

How Big is a 10' x 15' Self Storage Unit?

A 10' x 15' self storage unit measures 10 feet wide and 15 feet long, resulting in 150 square feet of floor storage. Every storage facility is different, and the ceiling height may be affected by skybox units, so always check the local facility parameters to better understand your vertical storage space. On average, our ceilings are 8 feet high, giving you up to 1,200 cubic feet of room for storage.

What’s the Difference Between an Indoor 10' x 15' Self Storage Unit and an Outdoor Unit?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the meaning of indoor vs. outdoor storage. When describing 10' x 15' indoor self storage, we’re referring to the fact that the access door is located inside a building, through accessible doors of varying sizes. On the contrary, an outdoor self storage unit would have a garage-type door that you can access directly from the outside. The benefits of indoor storage access are better control over environment, pest control, and an increase in safety.

Is This the Right Storage Size for a Two-Bedroom Home?

Regardless of the contents of your two-bedroom home, The Lock Up’s 10' x 15' self storage unit is the perfect size. You’ll be able to fit all of your furniture, including household appliances and personal items. King size mattresses, couches and chairs, coffee tables, dining room tables, bed frames, TV stands, patio furniture, and more can fit inside this spacious unit.

Do You Have 10' x 15' Climate Controlled Storage Unit Options?

Of course! At The Lock Up Self Storage, all of our 10' x 15' self storage units are equipped with temperature control features to help keep your belongings in the best condition for as long as possible. We keep our units at a comfortable temperature range of 58 - 82°F depending on the season and external temperatures.

Storing Items in a 10' x 15' Storage Unit

Is a 10' x 15' Self Storage Unit Big Enough for Temporary Storage During a Home Renovation?

Depending on the size of your home and the number of rooms your renovating, a 10' x 15' self storage unit may suffice for a renovation. If you have a much larger area being worked on and are planning to move all of the contents out of a four-bedroom family home, we recommend going with a larger size to avoid damages. However, if renovating a few rooms at a time or a smaller home, this is the perfect short-term storage option.

Can a Car Fit in the 10' x 15' Self Storage Unit?

Most smaller cars can fit comfortably in our 10' x 15' storage units, but it’s important to take exact measurements of your make and model before choosing a unit. If your car is a little too big or you think that it might be a tight fit, you can utilize our 10' x 15' storage option.

What Does Interior Trad Ladder Access Mean for a 10' x 15' Storage Unit?

Interior trad ladder access self storage units are units that you need to use a ladder to access. Because of this, only small, lightweight items like clothing, toys, and small boxes should be stored inside. Interior trad ladder access units are often reserved for smaller units as too many items can cause difficulty with load bearing.

Pricing and Logistics for 10' x 15' Self Storage Units

What’s the Average Price of a 10' x 15' Self Storage Unit?

The price of 10' x 15' self storage units vary depending on city and availability. If you’re interested in renting a new unit, contact The Lock Up Self Storage for current pricing options near you or check out our locations page for specifics.

Are There Any Restricted Items When Renting a 10' x 15' Storage Unit?

As with any storage facility, there are a few things that cannot be kept in your 10' x 15' unit at The Lock Up. Please avoid storing any hazardous, combustible, or toxic materials. Drugs, ammunition, or weapons are prohibited, and we ask that you do not store perishable items. To learn more about what you can and cannot store in your new 10' x 15' unit, contact your facility manager today.